Thermal Imaging Inspections Adelaide

When it becomes difficult to find out pests and insects through the regular process, thermal camera is used for the process after that. Thermal camera is used in the dark places of the building, where the sunlight and proper light doesn’t fall. Thermal camera is a complex gadget and should be used only by the professionals only. This even helps analysing the building’s condition under all the circumstances and hence proper measures can be applied. Thermal camera is very useful as it can detect the hidden pests from stairs, floors, and other areas where one can’t easily reach, within ceilings or even within the bricks that damage walls.

After using thermal imaging camera, a proper report is made by the experts mentioning what all areas the damage prevails. A proper report which is handwritten and easy to understand is given to the client. Proper advice along with the report is given to the client that later helps them to fix the problem. It is highly used in the houses that are made up of bricks because this process helps getting the pests notice from where it is really hard to.

Following are the uses of adopting this process for pest inspection:

  • This process is completely harmless and doesn’t damage the property at all
  • This process is comparatively easy, accurate and fast as compared to the normal building and pest inspection process
  • Thermal camera is used to find the hidden dwells and nests for demolition
  • This process can be merged with other process too and an accurate, affordable and cost effective building inspection can be conducted.

Following are the elements that are detected from the thermal camera:

  • Non presence of insulations from roofs, walls and ceilings can be easily found out from this camera
  • If ceiling or walls has leaks that may lead to a major problem in future can be found out
  • Any electrical wiring that is not properly done can be detected from this
  • Any water leakages or plumbing issues can be detected
  • Walls that are damped and floors as well can be detected