Strata Inspection Report Adelaide

A Strata Inspection Report Adelaide in which all the financial elements of the building are mentioned, which covers all the essential elements of the building management, corporate issues, maintenance issues etc are mentioned. This is a very vital report of the whole building inspection process as all the important planned strategy for the building or if any special levies are charged etc.

This report clears all the financial doubts regarding the building and following questions are to be raised for the report:


  • Who is the residing owner is?
  • What are the regular levies for the property?
  • After what fixed interval are the levies to be paid?
  • Are there any special levies to be taken care of?
  • Does the scheme cover fire requirements, and Work Health & Safety Obligations and other essential requirements?
  • Does any disharmony prevail?
  • What exactly is the valuation of the building?
  • Is there any fund forecast for the same?
  • Any insurance for workers exists?

All these points are really essential because all these points might not be known by the building corporate or the strata manager himself. Our building inspection experts have hands on experience in the strata inspection report and you can rely on our quick, satisfactory and hustle free service.