Pre Purchase Building Inspection Adelaide

Buying a dream property is not an easy task; you go through all those site visits and paper works and finally get that one dream property you have always wanted. Hence, it is always advisable to get a pre purchase building inspection done to be sure of the property you are buying. We at Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide have an amazing team of experts who can get the job done, so smoothly you will be surely surprised. We make sure the property you going to move in is pest free and without any future issues.

Following the pre purchase building inspection process is necessary for the following reasons:

While conducting the pre purchase building inspection our inspectors focus on all the factors that need to be taken care of at the time of buying a property such as structural layout and its integrity. It is the ability of the item to hold the load handling its own weight. Also to check out if the building is future ready for any type of natural calamities or if you want to add on an extra floor to it. All these factors are carefully checked by our experts to give you that peace of mind so you become stress free while moving to your new dream property.

Highlighters of the inspection are as follows:

  • Carefully inspecting the base of structure
  • Checking if the structure it can handle any natural calamities
  • All the Australian Standards are taken into account while inspecting the property; it should comply with all the criteria.

Australian government has launched a new rule according to which one has to get the pool safety certificate which falls under ‘Pool Safety Law’, according to this rule any property owner has to get this certificate to conduct any further process in your property.

  • This inspection makes it clear for the buyer whether the property is worth buying or not.
  • If any damages are detected, what is going to be the overall expense of the rectification?

Even after receiving the reports, we are happy to serve you at any hour of the day, we are available 24*7 for your guidance, feel free to contact us.