Pool Inspection Adelaide

According to the latest Australian Building Standards it is mandatory to perform pool inspection on the property that one purchases. Not only buying, even if you are renting a home, selling a property or getting a new one it is compulsory under all conditions to have a pool inspection done. This rule has been established by the government and is compulsory for everyone to conduct the respected inspection.

Following are the consequences one might has to face if a proper pool inspection avoided:

If you are the owner of the property: If you own a property, it is mandatory for you to have a pool inspection done in every condition, this is an unavoidable rule. In case you miss the inspection, your selling process will get delayed. And being buyer’s call they will extend the requisite period to 90 days after the final deal of settlement.

If you are the landlord: If a landlord doesn’t conduct a pool inspection and get a certificate, he is forbidden to rent hid property, he can only rent his property once he gets a pool safety certificate.

If you are a body corporate: In case if a house is sold or is in the selling process or even is rented, it is mandatory for a body corporate to have a pool safety certificate.

Not following this law generated by government is offensive and who ever rejects to do so, has to pay the penalties and fine for the same. It is advisable to hire a licensed and experience inspector handle the whole process of the inspection. We at Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide have team of inspectors who have hands on experience for the pool inspection. We will take all the work and hustle and will give you an experience of tension free and smooth process.

So, feel free to contact us for any doubts regarding the new government’s rule for pool inspection and we will be more than happy to help you with our expert and qualified team. You can reach us 24*7; we are always available for a telephonic discussion.