Building And Pest Condition Report Adelaide

Building And Pest Condition Report is developed by expert inspectors who inspect complete property to find any issues and damages in the building. This is a compulsory report that is to be made during building inspection Adelaide. This report contains the details of each and every room and describes its faults and damages. All the tiny details such as wall crack or broken lock, window, door locks, stained carpets etc are mentioned in this report.

This document is completely legal and signatures of both the parties i.e. owner of the property and the person who has taken the inspection are mandatory. Also if the house is to be rented, signature of the person who takes the house on rent is essential. Building And Pest Condition Report is compared to inspection and leaving reports and thus the issues and conflicts can be avoided. If anything is damaged or anything is to be repaired it is the prime responsibility of the tenant or lessor to make me the job done at first place.