Building Inspection Report Adelaide

Building Inspection Report Adelaide is a very important step in building and pest inspection process. This report gives an overall idea of the inspection, it makes the client understand the problem prevailing in building and if can be rectified or not, whether it is a smart move to buy the property or what type of changes are essential in the building and many other factors are focused after the report.

Our highly qualified and accredited inspectors prepare the building inspection report after complete inspection of the building, which makes you stress free and more confident about your property. If any damages are found in the building, solutions are also provided by the team itself. Our expert team lets you know about building’s capacity to handle future constructions and its capacity to handle natural calamities and many other unavoidable points.

The report by our inspectors consists of the following points:

  • All the noticeable point concluded from the building inspection such as defects, if any, examination of doors, internal doors, external doors, roof, ceilings, floor, subfloor, doors, structural integrity, etc and after all the examinations proper report is given to the client and required advice and solutions are offered as well.
  • Previous work of inspectors is given as reference if the property is of same or similar age, strength and capability have been worked on, We are always happy to advice you on the damages that are detected and what should be done for such future consequences.
  • The report which is provided to the client is already so easy to understand with minimal use of technical language making it easy to understand for any client and all the remedies and important advices related the property damage is already mentioned in the reports.
  • Also moisture level is also mentioned in the report, if exists so the steps to rectify it can be taken before monsoon season and damp can be avoided.

All these points and many more are mentioned in our report which reaches you within 24 hours of the inspection done, and in case of doubt our building inspectors can always be contacted.